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Below is a small representation of the investigations and
spirit rescues performed by the Spirit Rescue teams.

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SoCal Chapter

The team investigated a condo complex in West Los Angeles that was in disrepair. The location was directly across the street from High Voltage Electrical Lines which made the baseline EMF level rather high. On the other side of the complex was a major freeway. No wonder there was lots of activity in the building. We found and closed vortexes and portals, helped over 35 EBS cross over and removed a number of BOWDs. 

Followed with a trip to the Los Angeles Heritage Museum


Spiritual Psychic Medium, Robin conducted a Gallery Reading in Irvine
 click on photo to schedule a Reading with Robin.


SoCal Chapter - Private Home Investigations
Redondo Beach -
2 Investigations
Oceanside - Conducted a Spirit Rescue and House Blessing after
another  team's "traditional" investigation
Rancho Palos Verdes - House Blessing and Spirit Attachment Removal

^ALL that was in ONE WEEK!


SoCal Chapter
Held their First Quarter Team Meetings and interviewed new prospective members.

Training investigation at the Queen Mary followed.


Mississippi Chapter
Private Home Investigation - Biloxi

Love and light to you all...i have a wonderful experience I would like to share with y’all...

To keep the clients anonymous I will call the mother Sue and the daughter Pam age 3..I was contacted by the mother informing me that strange things have been happening to her daughter...Myself and Courtney went to the clients house and interviewed her...she informed us of many things that were happening..... a few were:

  • The child "seeing" and talking to people that went there mainly a man and sometimes a woman,
  • When they would go different places the child would see others and point them out and the mother saw no one there,
  • Doors opening and shutting by themselves after the child conversed with the people that went there,
  • When the child was scolded there would be banging on all of the windows,
  • The cats started acting odd,
  • Cabinets opening by themselves etc.
  • The most disturbing to the mother was while the child was sleeping she would sit up and does things that were very bizarre and she would physically have strength that was impossible.
  • The child was afraid of the people she was seeing and told her mother that she didn't like them.
  • Also whenever the child would go to sleep the child said she wanted to go to bed and watch herself sleep

I sensed that their place wasn't haunted but that the child was a very gifted medium...We cleansed the place, talked in depth with the mother about her daughter's special gift and how to handle and guide the child, especially how to use the tools of protection. I gave the mother 2 crystals and told her to bury them underneath an old oak tree that was on their property and to alternate the crystals each night and to place one underneath the child's pillow. We explained to her about astral projection.

The EBS man who was hanging around the child was named Robert and he felt like he was a protectorate of the child, mother, grandmother and great grandmother who lived together in the house, but especially the child. He did not want to cross over right away but with a little coaching from me and my spirit guide he went Home. The lady EBS wasn't around at the time, her name is Elsie and she would just stop by every now and then, she was attracted to the child. The child's spirit guide is named Isabelle and I asked her if she would help and guide the child with her special talents and to protect her and shield her because she is way too young to even comprehend how to manage her abilities.

Weeks passed and the mother informed me that the child was doing so much better. She was still seeing people but she said they were hiding from her now. The house has been calm and the child said no more strange people are there. The child still astral projects but she says she likes that. She sleeps calmly now with no more strange awakenings. On a recent trip to the hospital to visit a family member the child said there was a lady in the hall looking for her precious baby, this really upset the child badly, after a while she became very happy and told her mom that the lady found her baby and they went Home. I know that her spirit guide was responsible for that. I told the mother how lucky she was to have such a special child with such a wonderful gift and that with her help the possibilities are endless on all the good she could do.

Love and Light to you all...Belinda, Lead Investigator


SoCal Chapter
Private Home Investigation - Northridge

A small team went to the home of an artist who has been experiencing activity in the home for over 10 years. The home was in disarray due to construction repairs need from previous water damage. Carpets and floors had been removed from the hallway and master bedroom.

The team was given a tour by the homeowner who told of seeing a misty apparition at the end of the hallway and having her son come out of his room and acknowledge it as well.

After the tour, the team left the homeowner and her friend in the kitchen and went back to the master bedroom/bathroom where most of the activity seemed to take place.  We were approached by a number of EBS (earthbound spirits) that wanted our help.  Then one team member walked back to the kitchen and the homeowner's dark attachment showed itself. It was revealed that the homeowner had experienced very negative rituals as a child and this dark entity was attached to her at that time.

A selenite grid was placed in the home creating a grid of protection that repels negative energy/entities. Healing and protective stones/crystals were given to the homeowner to carry.

Due to the extreme stress of the homeowner, it was deemed best to crossover the EBS without the homeowner's participation. Once the EBS safely Home again, then the dark attachment was gently and permanently removed.  Team members noted the positive change in demeanor of the homeowner after the removal.  A healing session took place and afterwards the team gathered their equipment and left the home and as they went to their cars, the homeowner came onto the front porch and yelled "I LOVE YOU!"


Robin was intereviewed on
The Shadow Hour Radio Show by Chris Walden.
She has been invited to appear again


Long Beach, California
The SoCal team investigated the Queen Mary as a training session each quarter.
Lots of great experiences and learnings took place.


El Reno, Oklahoma
Robin participated in the Ghostlahoma Paranormal Conference.
She investigated the Murrah Building site of the Oklahoma City Bombing
and rescued a quite a few EBS that had lingered on because one EBS was holding the others back.
Additionally, she investigated the El Reno Fort site which has a lot of spirit activity.


Huntington Beach, California
Robin joined another paranormal team to investigate a private apartment and evaluate the team.


Long Beach, California
Robin investigated the Queen Mary in order to determine whether it would provide a good training location... and decided it will be a wonderful training site.


Gainesville, Texas
The Texas Chapter held couple training investigations at Hill House Manor with Robin.


Fort Worth, Texas
Family with a young son needed mentoring counseling on how to handle his abilities.
An EBS was also encouraged to cross over.


Santa Monica, California
Wonderful investigation with the new SoCal team! Rescued a total of 9 spirits, including one dark entity. Contacted family members of the clients and gave them readings afterwards.
SR received the following email from the client:

Dear Robin,
I want to thank you for coming to our home, it was a real experience that I will never forget. As we walked room to room and you talking to the spirits in my home and relaying everything that was said I'm still in awe over everything that happened. I think that the most disturbing spirit to me was the little girl that had drowned off the pier. Then the original owner of our house. To think he did not know that he was dead and that we were the intruders in his home, thank you for making him understand he was the one who was dead. As you remember there was a women who was attached to me, she didn't want to leave because she said I would be lonely without her, and how we had to tell her together to cross over that it was time for her to go home. I just want to say it did affect me at first but now everything is just fine. I still am astonished that we had 9 spirits in this home. I enjoyed talking to my mother thank you so much for that, as for the house I have never felt the calm peacefulness that I have felt since you came into my home. I still experience different smells that do remind me of family members and a few that don't, but I can live with that. You are a a wonderful person and I am so glad you came into our lives and I hope to keep you as a friend forever.
Thank you. (Name withheld to protect the client)


El Segundo, California
The SoCal Chapter held it’s the First Quarter Introduction Meeting for all new prospective members.


Orlando, Florida
Robin investigated a private home and business.


The Texas Chapter held the First Quarter Introduction Meeting for New Prospective Team Members



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