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J• Hi Miss Robin! I'm truly sorry to bother you. I know you are so busy and I wasn't sure if you remembered having a reading with me in late February but you said if I had any questions to let you know. Well, I finally have a was told I would meet a man with a boy...well the very next day someone introduced me to a man with a boy.  My question is am I on the right track that this man, is the man I was told about, and second, my mom came thru and was telling me something like "Jenny." Could she have said "Janie!"

Robin• Hi J - I'm giggling a bit about the man and boy. And "Jennie" and "Janie" would sound the same to me as spirit sounds are much higher pitched.

J• Lol...I know! Talk about me wanting to jump for joy! Lol. The very next day after our talk my friend just came up to me at my desk and said "I need to introduce you to my ex!" Haha! She's happily married and shares a boy with her ex. Well we hit it off and have been dating since first of March. His mom’s name is Janie and I know my mom would have said that knowing that I am longing for a motherly bond w someone since she's in heaven. Thank you so much Robin. I can't wait to schedule another reading w you! You have helped me in so many ways and my reading was very healing for me! Thank you!

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Small stone, mighty protective energy!

Selenite forms a protective grid around your home,
repelling negativity and creating a safe and quiet space
does not allow any negative outside influences 
into your home or office.

Buy 4 pieces to create a protective grid in your home.

Better yet, to protect your entire property...
Buy 8 pieces and bury one set in the four property corners
creating a double-strength grid of protection.

Don't forget to buy an additional piece of selenite 
for each member of your family to carry
in your pocket or purse for protection 
when you leave the gridded area.


Thank you! 
Psychic Mediumship Readings
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